Luther Memorial Home

750 Main Street East, Mayville, North Dakota 

Additional Charges for Services if provided by LMH

Van Use
 Van Fees for Mayville Area $15.00/hour (Minimum Charge of $15.00) 
 If attendant provided by LMH $18.00/hour
 There and back ride in wheelchair $5.00
 Van use with assist to van $17.00
 Out of town trips  
 Van Driver $20.00/hour
The current rate for mileage reimbursement will be charged per mile 


Nursing Services
 Nurses Call $12.50 each 15 min (minimum charge $10.00)
 Treatments $12.50 each 15 min (minimum charge $10.00)
 Check Blood Sugar $2.00 (done at LMH unless part of nurse's call)
 Check Vitals $2.00 (done at LMH unless part of nurse's call)
 Hearing Aid Assistance $3.00 per day (2x/day)
 Medication Administration $50.00 initial medication set-up
  $7.50 Change in orders
  $3.00/day (administered at LMH twice per day)
  $1.50 Additional times
  $2.50 Shots
 Compression Hose Placement $2.50 at time (done at LMH)
 Ace Wraps $2.00 a time (done at LMH)
 Wound Treatment $25.00 initial wound treatment set-up
  $7.50 change in orders
  $15.00 each 15 min (minimum charge of $15.00)
 Century Tub Bath $20.00/half hour (One attendant)
  $25.00/half hour (Tow attendants)


Other Optional Services
 Laundry Services  $20.00/load 
 Special Maintenance $10.00/half hour
 Cleaning $10.00/half hour
 Rides within LMH/SC Complex $5.00 round trip
 Replace Garage Door Opener $40.00

Restorative Therapy and Pool
 One-to-One therapy or Pool use $20.00 
 Squeaky Joints $3.00/time or $25.00 for 10 sessions
 Hot Wax Treatment $5.00 
 Placement of non-skid strips $5.00 plus cost of strips

Equipment (Renting for a month at a time)
 Wheelchair $15.00 
 Wheelchair with footrest $17.50 
 Wheelchair with Elevated footrest $20.00
 Walker $8.00
 Manual Bed $25.00
 Electric Bed $35.00
 Bath Chair $12.00
 Miscellaneous as determined by Director of Nursing or Administrator 
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